Our story

For over six years, we have been experimenting with the transformation of our urban lifestyle into one that is more locally integrated. At "The KasKantine" in Amsterdam, Netherlands, we use local resources, and manage the environment in such a way that we contribute to a neighbourhood which is more pleasant, sustainable, resilient and future proof, and better able to face current and upcoming economic and ecological shocks.

The KasKantine aims to contribute to a “future-proof city”. We empower ourselves with tools to fight against climate change and biodiversity loss, and at the same time mobilize our community against its consequences. We recycle materials together, manage food waste and cook with the neighbourhood. We create gardens and strengthen local knowledge and social networks.

In addition to our off-grid day-to-day functioning, we are also actively petitioning the municipality of Amsterdam to form a new relation with its citizens, allowing citizens to take over management of land and water in places where it is currently underused, and/or where the current management does not contribute to the well-being or sustainability of the neighbourhood. These can be temporary places, or places to which natural functions (i.e. gardens or biodiverse spaces) can be added. We work on formalizing these win-win situations into new land- and water-use contracts.

Whilst building on its new location, the KasKantine opened the Voedselkringloop (“the food chain”), a shop where food surplus from different shops and businesses are gathered and redistributed. We also started a communal garden, and are preparing a Greening the Neighbourhood plan and a bike repair workshop where people can learn how to fix their bikes. The restaurant is still waiting for official permits.

The KasKantine started in 2013 in one of the ruins of the old sugar factory in Halfweg, when two chefs, who met each other while working in an organic restaurant in France, decided to realise their dream of making affordable meals with local and self-produced ingredients. We acquired a greenhouse and an old shipping container, and built a strawbale house in the old building. Our cooking style gathered a lot of attention, especially from folks in Amsterdam.

After three years, when our user agreement stopped, we got an offer to build a new KasKantine on the parking lot of an old bank on the Haarlemmerweg in Amsterdam. Several new initiatives joined, and a cooperative was established. Four shipping containers and a greenhouse were added to the building.

In 2017, the KasKantine was invited to build a new place on a construction site opposite the Delflandplein in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. The cooperative grew again with several members and new containers. A large garden was also added to the formation.

In 2019, the KasKantine moved to its present location, still in the Delflandpleinbuurt, where we are negotiating a longer rental contract with the municipality. It is an old football field, waiting to be transformed into a new neighbourhood in about 7 years time.

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Handbaalstraat, 10, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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